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    Коротковолновик Аватар для RA3APW

    Адаптер D-Star Node Adapter Star*Board(tm) от K6JM

    Сегодня K6JM опубликовал сообщение о выпуске еще одного нового D-Star Node адаптера.
    Основное отличие от предыдущих узловых контроллеров:
    • SMT версия (поверхностный монтаж)
    • отсутствие версии как набора для сборки (kit) - только полностью готовая плата


    I'm announcing today a new GMSK Node Adapter board. It's called the Star*Board(tm). It was designed and built by Matrix Circuits and will sell for US $119 plus S&H. After design, Matrix Circuits submitted their surface mount board to DUTCH*Star for evaluation and certification to run the DUTCH*Star firmware.

    This is not a kit. It is built at a professional SMT fabrication facility and tested there, and it's delivered with the DUTCH*Star bootloader and a DUTCH*Star firmware license.

    The board will be distributed by a new company I've formed called MoenComm LLC. The goal of my company is to provide superb customer service. Orders will be taken only when there is inventory on hand to allow rapid shipping. I will not accept money unless I can ship. In the unlikely event the website allows that to happen, I will refund the payment. I will not keep the money unless I can ship. I'll also offer first-line support, and again my goal is to respond quickly and helpfully.

    The first shipment from Matrix Circuits should arrive soon, probably in 2-3 weeks. I will post on the website when I have a firm date. In the meantime, take a look at
    http://www.moencomm.com/ -- note that while the board is shipped with a printed User Manual (with schematics), you can also download it from the website to review before you buy.

    When I received this board, I tested it in simplex mode first. I had it working in less than 5 minutes after opening the package. I then put it into my "production" full duplex repeater. It's working great and I really like this very small board. I am working to offer an enclosure and radio cables. In the meantime, it's easy to build a cable, and the website has a link to how to do that.

    Take a look at the new website. I welcome suggestions on how to improve it. Thanks.

    Jim - K6JM
    MoenComm LLC

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