Вот такое письмо я получил вчера после разговора с Яном PA2P:

Hi and good evening Tony,

I just had a quick look on your website. It looks very professional and has a lot of information!

I also am running an Echolink gateway PA2P-L, which you can find on the local 145.4125 Mhz frequency, nodenumber 310267 (see: http://www.pa2p.nl/index4.htm )

Now my question.

On the 6th of September I have send the e-mail below (in the red text) to RA3AKM, who seems to be the manager of the clubstation RA3AWA.

But I never got a reply.
Could you help me to make an appointment at the clubstation, so I can use it?

Hello dear Yuri, good afternoon,
Soon I will be visiting Moscow with my family to meet some friends, who are now living in Moscow.

We will be in Moscow from the 27th of October until the 1st of November.

Since I am there it would be nice to visit a radio-amateur clubstation.
I asked Igor (RA3CQ) a while ago if he could give me some names and addresses of clubstations in Moscow.
He gave me three stations; 2 clubstations and the contest station in Zelenograd (RK3AWL/RL3A.)
One of the two clubstations that he mentioned is the Moscow city clubstation (RA3AWA) and he suggested me to contact you.
Is it possible to visit the clubstation RA3AWA?

Do I need to make an appointment and/or do I have to contact somebody in advance?

Would it be possible for me to use the clubstations?
I hope to hear from you very soon.
Thank you very much in advance.


Besides the RX3AQY-L for Echolink, and the 2 meter repeater that you mentioned on 145.675, are there more repeaters on 2 meter and 70 cm which I can use from the centre of Moscow?

What is the shift for the 70cm repeaters?
Может кто подскажет что-нить по поводу посещений коллективок в МСК? Его е-мыл: g-berg(at)wanadoo.nl
Насчет репитеров я отвечу.