"This weekend (Jan 14-15 UTC) Bill McArthur plans to operate on the UHF band exclusively. It is his desire to work all continents on the UHF band from the International Space Station.

The frequency he will be using will be 437.55 simplex. Due to the high Doppler effect on this band, one will need to operate split frequencies for most of the pass. A very simplified chart showing memory assignment for transmit and receive with 5 KHz spacing is below as an example .

Mem. TX - RX
Ch A - 437.540 - 437.560 Acquisition of signal (AOS)
Ch B - 437.545 - 437.555
Ch C - 437.550 - 437.550 Time of closest approach (TCA)
Ch D - 437.555 - 437.545
Ch E - 437.560 - 437.540 Loss of signal (LOS)

Good Luck and 73,

Kenneth G. Ransom - N5VHO
ISS Ham Radio Project Engineer
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