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    Администратор Аватар для RW3AH

    Кыргызстан: работа радиоспециалистом в системе ООН

    В Киргизский офис Программы ООН (UNDP) в Бишкеке требуется специалист по
    радиотехнике / радиоператор (ИЗ МЕСТНЫХ).

    Прием заявлений до 15 ноября 2012.

    Знания русского и английского ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНЫ на уровне общения.

    Остальное в подробностях читаем ниже:

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Makes sure the continuity of service of Radio Control Room under United Nations Department of Safety and Security in her/his duty;
    Uses ISECT in order to track UN official missions and if ISECT doesn`t work then RO processes the Security Clearances Requests and put it to the In country Travel or UN Visiting Missions as soon as UN Security Advisor signs the Security Clearance on behalf of UN DO, then sends granted Security Clearances to the requestor;
    Makes sure that Radio Control Room is restricted area except staff of the UNDSS and not allow other personnel access to the Radio Control Room;
    Monitors and controls the frequencies as described in SOI;
    Conducts radio checks according to Radio check list, maintains a record of such checks;
    Conducts regular and random Radio checks (by VHF, HF or the landline) with all UN Agencies, SMT Agencies and sub-offices throughout the country with regard to the current Security Situation in each region or district. After each Radio checks logbook is filled out by the incumbent;
    Conducts Radio checks with neighboring UNDSS Offices/UN Radio Rooms and reports to LSA and SA;
    Tracking all UN vehicles movements throughout the country on a regular basis and providing the agencies and responsible person with the received information. The result of each contact must be recorded in the logbook;
    Assists UNDSS Office in updating all emergency contact information and provide necessary emergency info to all UN staff during the emergency situations as required;
    Is responsible for the integrity and safe custody of the confidential UN International Staff and UN National Staff information;
    Reports any emergencies or distress calls that occurred during her/his duty to LSA and SA;
    Ensures that the users follow the rules on the Radio networks;
    Operates all communications equipment including VHF and HF radios, landline and satellite telephones, facsimile and computers;
    Provides first response in the event of an incident, liaising with and coordinating all necessary assistance from appropriate authorities - UN Physician, fire, police, militia, ambulance, EMERCOM etc.
    Monitors local press and internet media sources for relevant security incidents and issues effecting the UN & humanitarian community in the NC;
    Drafting security and incident reports;
    Keeps track of the vehicles and staff outside their duty station and maintain the Movement Control electronic log;
    Maintains chronological files for all incoming and outgoing fax, email and radio messages, ensure timely delivery of messages;
    Under guidance of LSAs maintains communications links with UN Agencies and SMT Agencies and disseminates security advisories to them on behalf of the Designated Official;
    Monitors the movement of all equipment and accessories in and out of the Communications Center. Ensures that the equipment under his/her control is in a good working condition at all times, notifying breakdowns immediately to the technicians. Maintains the Station Logs;
    Briefs Staff Members on the use and care of assigned communications equipment;
    Performs all other related duties as requested by the UN Security Advisor and UNDSS Local Security Associates.

    The Radio Operator reports to UNDSS Telecom Specialist regarding execution of technical procedures.


    Promoting ethics and integrity, creating organizational precedents
    Creating an environment of creativity and innovation
    Building and promoting effective teams
    Creating and promoting enabling environment for open communication
    Creating an emotionally intelligent organization
    Sharing knowledge across the organization and building a culture of knowledge sharing and learning.
    Promoting learning and knowledge management/sharing is the responsibility of each staff member.
    Fair and transparent decision making; calculated risk-taking

    Required Skills and Experience

    Bachelor degree.
    Diploma/degree in Information System and/or Computer Science is desirable


    2 years of administrative or clerical or interpreting experience, preferably in international organizations.
    Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.).

    Knowledge and skills:

    Basic knowledge of radio communications and modern communications equipment would be an asset.
    Ability to work effectively under stressful conditions

    Language Requirements:

    Very good skills in English, Russian and communication skills in Kyrgyz.
    Strong command of written English and Russian.


    Applications without UNDP Personal history form will not be considered. Please download P.11 form from http://www.undp.kg/en/operations/human-resources

    Заполнить онлайн форму можно здесь:


    Общаться непосредственно с предстаивтелями ПРОООН в Киргизии.
    Ко мне обращаться не надо. На обращения не отвечаю.


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